We all have a part in product stewardship

BASF Product Stewardship

“Product stewardship” is a product-centered approach to environmental and human protection.  It calls on those in the product life cycle—manufacturers, retailers, users, and disposers—to share responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts and human exposure of pesticide products.


Product stewardship is everyone’s duty – from the professional management professional to the homeowner. Your key to good product stewardship for pesticides is the product label.  The product label has been approved by the EPA and all registered uses of the pesticide have been evaluated for human health and environmental impact. You must always read and follow label directions for proper use, storage, and disposal of the pesticide product. Use of federally registered pesticides in a manner not consistent with label instructions is a violation of Federal law.  More importantly, improper use of pesticides can result in unacceptable exposures to people, pets, and wildlife, and a significant, negative impact on the environment.

Visit the PROPER use BASF website for more information on pesticide use.


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