Turf and Ornamentals

Turf & Ornamentals

BASF Turf delivers innovative solutions for golf, lawn, sod, and sports turf managers who seek healthy, improved turf quality. To do this, BASF offers a broad portfolio of products to control weeds, disease and insects while providing plant health benefits, ensuring greener, healthier turf.


BASF Ornamentals provides innovative solutions to help ornamentals managers and horticulturists ensure healthy, beautiful plants and sound profits. To do this, BASF offers a strong, diverse portfolio of crop protection products to meet the complex needs for today’s greenhouse and nursery growers.


Managing turf requires significant expertise, particularly when it comes to disease management. The BASF portfolio of products is specifically designed to help solve turf problems, using labor as efficiently as possible.


In the ornamental market, where plants are primarily grown for their beauty, pests can reduce profits quickly. In response, BASF is proud to offer a wide range of products that combat pests and increase plant health.