Pesticide Treatment of an Enclosed Cargo Area


Pesticide Treatment of an Enclosed Cargo Area

An “enclosed cargo area” includes such areas as a detached truck trailer, an attached truck trailer, or a railway car; however, the definition does not include airplane cargo areas. Enclosed cargo areas can be treated with a Total Release Product.

Listed below are some best practices to follow when treating an enclosed cargo area with a Total Release Product

  1. Always read the product label before use and follow all use instructions.  
  2. Remove all items from the cargo area which are not targeted for treatment.
  3. Ensure the cargo area is sealed with no airflow into areas where people are located or could be located. 
  4. Leave the cargo area after product is activated and make sure all exits are sealed. 
  5. Attach a placard to the cargo area entrances indicating the space has been treated with a pesticide and should not be entered.  Place signage in locations that are readily visible.
  6. Refer to label for specific re-entry time instructions; earlier entry may be permissible for short-term activities, provided personal protective equipment is worn and ventilation procedures are followed.
  7. The treated cargo area should remain stationary for the restricted re-entry period specified on product label. 
  8. Maintain a minimum of 25 feet from the treated cargo area during the restricted re-entry period.
  9. Before re-entering cargo area, open all exit doors and allow airflow through the cargo area.
  10. Follow label instructions related to movement of treated items from the cargo area after treatment. Remember all cargo in the treatment area has received an application of pesticide.
  11. Waste resulting from the pesticide treatment must be disposed of properly in accordance with label instructions.  




Visit the PROPER use BASF website for more information.


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