Protecting Children and Pets from Accidental Exposure to Pesticide Bait Stations – Tips for Consumers

Pesticide bait stations, when used according to label instructions, can help control rodents and insects while minimizing exposure to people, pets, and the environment. However, damaged or open bait stations can result in accidental exposure for children or pets due to skin contact or ingestion of bait contents.

How to Protect Your Pets and Children from Accidental Exposure to Pesticide Bait Stations?

Even if you’re not a parent or pet owner, you can take the following steps to ensure the health and safety of those around you by preventing unnecessary exposure to pesticide bait stations.

  1. Always read the product label before use of bait stations and follow all use instructions.

  2. Discuss with your pest management professional (PMP) the type of bait station and product that fits your pest control needs. Tamper-resistant bait stations must be used when children, pets, or other vulnerable parties (for example, autistic or disabled persons) have potential access to the bait placement location.

  3. Keep children and pets indoors when the PMP is installing or refilling the bait stations. This will also help prevent them from knowing the location of the bait stations.

  4. Ask your PMP where the bait stations have been placed. Make occasional, visual checks of the stations to ensure they are closed and intact. If a bait station appears to be damaged or tampered with, immediately contact your PMP.

  5. As a precaution, understand potential symptoms that may occur if a child or pet ingests the contents of the bait station. Have your doctor and/or veterinarian's phone number and the product label available, if needed.
    You can also contact the BASF Hotline at 1-800-832-4357.


Visit the PROPER use BASF website for more information.


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