Reduce Exposure to Granular Ant Baits

Granular ant baits are ready-to-use products that may be applied by a Pest Management Professional or consumers. Before using a granular ant bait, it is important to take measures to protect people and pets from unintended exposure. It starts with making sure to read and understand the label, follow the label use instructions, and take any precautions noted on the label related to people and pets.

Here are suggestions to minimize the risk to people and pets:

  1. Remove people and pets from any areas that you plan to treat with granular ant bait before applying the product.
  2. Clean up the area before treatment. Remove children and pet toys and any pet food and water bowls from the area.
  3. After treatment, keep people and pets away from the treated areas for the time specified on the label.  
  4. When applying granules to your lawn or garden, ensure all granules have penetrated the turf and none are lying on top of the grass, mulch, etc.  
  5. When using granules inside or outside, try to restrict access to the ant bait by placing the bait into crevices, voids, secure stations, or other locations that children or pets cannot readily reach.
  6. Make sure any unused product is properly sealed and stored securely in locations out of reach by children or pets.
  7. Re-inspect application area after application and replace bait according to label instructions.
Picnic basket with ants crawling around

For more information, you can consult with your local authorities. For example, tips on effective ant baiting are provided by NC State Extension.

Visit the PROPER use BASF website for more information on pesticide use.


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